Sogno di Volo

Sogno di Volo is the 2013 year-end student created production presented by Gulf Islands School of the Performing Arts (GISPA)
Gulf Islands School of the Performing Arts
GISPA is an advanced training program for actors, musicians and dancers grade nine to twelve who have a passion for the performing arts.
Where and When:
Salt Spring Island
May 15,16,17th 7:30pm
Tickets are $15 available through Artspring Ticket Centre
sogno-di-voloThe Gulf Islands School of Performing Arts (GISPA) presents Sogno di Volo. This show is inspired by the work of Leonardo Da Vinci and other great artists, and explores the themes of flight, dreams and inspiration. We follow our protagonist, Daedela, as she struggles to create her dreams and fulfill her passions in a patriarchal world.
From the streets of Renaissance Italy, we follow Daedela into the workshop of famous Signore Verocchio, where she is offered a chance to prove her worth as a young artist. She struggles to voice her own heartfelt message from within a world of deceit and betrayal.
Mirroring her dreams and desires, we also follow Jean, another young aspiring artist living in modern day Paris. He dreams of attending art school despite society’s expectations. He seeks his independence by embarking on his own journey.
Our show is about standing up for your dreams and having the courage to achieve them despite difficult circumstances. It boasts creativity and innovation as the music, the choreography and the script itself are created entirely by students. Every year, GISPA presents an interdisciplinary theatrical production to sold-out Salt Spring audiences.
Sogno di Volo, weaves history, legend and metaphor into an intriguing visual and auditory spectacle that will capture the imagination. It is not to be missed!