Big Fish Production, 2014

GISPA’s Big Fish production. GISPA’s actors, musicians and dancers collectively created a complex and engaging show of tall tales.

Show Press Release:

To celebrate 10 years of innovative and integrated arts education GISPA is diving into ArtSpring May 14th-15th and swimming in a world where anything can happen, almost. Based on the novel by Daniel Wallace, this show is a visually stunning union of theatre, music and dance. In this world, the tales are so tall they become the teller, the father named Edward Bloom. It is his mythical story we follow – in the pursuit of the girl he will marry, in the birth of his son, and in his epic life with, and without them. This tall tale is the account of a father, his son, and the one thing we leave behind: our stories. The show is collectively produced and performed by a talented group of GISPA students under the direction of Bruce Smith (music), Sonia Langer (dance) and Jason Donaldson (theatre).

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GISPA Promotional Portraits
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